March 14, 2018

The Epic Date Night!

When I found out that an event I was going to photograph was promoting relationships, I was all for it! My husband and I have been married close to 11 years and have always valued improving our marriage. Even if it means just dating more or going to events to help strengthen our bond. The church offered to have my husband and I attend the event as well. It was such a blessing!

Enter Passion Church in Fridley, MN. I was hired to take portraits of each couple. My super handsome assistant (and my work date) husband was there to assist me with getting all my lighting equipment and gear all set up. The church had a gorgeous backdrop set up!

MN Engagement Photographer MN Wedding Photographer

The church put on a date night/ marriage event and had married speakers from Hillsong come share. Dr Dave Martin and his wife Christine Martin were open and honest about the struggles and realities of marriage. It was pretty fun! Dr. Dave Martin and Christine Martin Passion Church Minnestoa

The Show

They had three couples go up on stage for a game of The Newlywed Game. The couples consisted of newly married and long time married couples. Some of the questions and answers were hilarious!Minnesota Event Photographer

Couples Date Night Passion Church Fridley, MN

Above are photos of the contestants. The couple showcased were newly married and won the show!

The Pastor and His Wife

Pastor Jonathan Brozozog and his gorgeous wife Joanne were such great hosts along with their amazing staff and volunteers. The pastor came and introduced himself to me and was so welcoming. My husband and I had watch their sermon series which I have linked here. Please note these sermons do talk about intimacy in marriage and should likely not be listened to in front of young children. They talk about the Biblical principles of marriage. It was fabulous! It is so refreshing to see a pastor love his wife and have his wife be so supportive and loving too! 

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Thank you Passion Church for a great weekend helping people learn how to better their relationships!