How can I prepare for my photoshoot? 


It is best to wear neutrals or have at least a few people in your group wear neutrals. If there are many patterns and designs it can distract from people looking at you in the photo. We want the viewer to see you, unless of course, you are modeling that shirt, then, that is perfect!

Feel free to bring extra outfits. If time allows, we will get some of each outfit.


Feel free to treat yourself the day before or the day of the shoot. It could be fun to get your hair cut and dyed, get your nails done, go in for a facial whatever helps you feel confident. Remember that these photos will last a lifetime, so make sure your hair and makeup are done to your liking. I suggest bringing your makeup with for touch-ups. Some of my clients choose to hire a hair and makeup artist for the day of their shoot. If you are looking for someone to work with, I can help arrange that as well. Men may want to shave the day before to ensure there are no nicks the day of the shoot.