New Richmond, Wisconsin


This was an epic party with lots of friends and family. When Dawn arrived, she thought she was coming to Willow River Saloon to celebrate her twin granddaughter’s birthday party. What she and he husband, Bruce didn’t know is that their 3 adult children had planned on a surprise 70th birthday party for Dawn. They knew they had to be sneaky, so they told their dad that it was a surprise party for mom.

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As part of their gift for their parents, we took family portrait outside the restaurant in WI. Each family had their own portraits with their parents and grandparents. It is so beautiful seeing families come together to celebrate a successful marriage. I have always said that anyone can have a birthday, but few have long-lasting marriages, so anniversaries should be celebrated!

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It was so beautiful seeing all the friends and family gather together to talk about their special moments from the past. The photos they had strung along the wall on lights were pretty eye-catching. Makes you wonder how it would feel to be married for 50 years. We have been married for 11 and in some ways it goes by fast and in other ways its like we just got married. Kids is what changed it all for us. It is a new way to measure time. This family has a beautiful family filled with children and grandchildren.

Minnesota Event Photographer Minnesota Birthday Photographer WI Event Photographer MN Event Photographer Minnesota and Wisconsin Event PhotographerBlessings to you both on your journey to 51 years and counting!