March 16, 2018

Fridley, Minnesota

Date Night Gone Right

When you go to a date night event you are learning how to be a better spouse or significant other. Some things may make you feel a bit nervous about it. Some of which may be thoughts of, “Yikes, I have a lot to work on.” or maybe “Wow, this is it!” Well, one part of this unsuspecting couple had no idea what was going to happen. Neither did I and I almost missed it!

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“Wow! This is it!”

I was getting ready to head back out to the foyer to continue with the couples shoot. All of a sudden people were getting pretty excited and I turned around to see this…

Yep, that is an engagement story unfolding on the night people were learning to better their relationships. This took it up a notch! Andrell asked Lissy to be his wife complete with confetti and a photo of them on the screen. Family and friends couldn’t wait to congratulate them.

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The Ring

Her ring is so stunning. I vividly remember taking that photo of her looking down at her ring and then saying to him “You did good.” I have a feeling she was referring to the experience and not just that amazingly stunning ring. They are a beautiful couple!

Family and Church Family

After this huge event, we got more shots of the couple with their family and Pastor. I wish them all the best!

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