Angela Doherty Photography Minnesota Photographer
About Angela

Hi! I am Angela and I am so happy you came to check out my site. I have enjoyed photography since I was a child and was obsessed with single use cameras. Don’t worry, I have since upgraded to my Canon gear. I enjoy capturing candid moments through lifestyle photography. These are the images that will last for a lifetime. While, I am comfortable and am happy to assist with poses, the natural reactions are always my favorites! I am a proud member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and am always furthering my photography education to better meet my client’s needs. Wedding photography means more to me than just the images. It represents the love two people have for one another and the friends and family who love them both. I invest in my couples relationships. I have been married for close to 12 years and while I don’t know all the secrets, I am happy to say, I found my soulmate. I love love!

What to Expect on Your Wedding Day: I will arrive early and ready to begin photographing your day dressed professionally. I will be a calm presence on a busy day. I will assist with helping to keep to your timeline, while helping you enjoy the day. Throughout the day, I will check in with you to see how you are feeling, if you have any special photography requests, and will ensure I do my best.

Photography Style:

I enjoy getting the moments that are not staged or posed, but do know how to assist with posing when requested. My editing style moody and full of color. I love vibrant and bold colors, especially for printed images. 

Facts About Me:

Native to: North Dakota

Coffee or Tea: Neither, but I will take a mixed Coke and Cherry Icee please! Favorite Food: Close tie between crab legs and Superman ice cream from Nelson’s Ice Cream in Stillwater, MN

Serious or Funny: Funny for sure, but I do know when to be serious Planner or fly by the seat of your pants: A bit of both. I am very organized, but not so ridged that I don’t offer room for spontaneity.

Sweet or Sour: I like to think I am sweet because I love sweets. (Don’t ask about cavity count… I get the white fillings, so I can’t be certain.)

Angela Doherty Photography Headshot